Spanish American War

Cuba, an island in the Carribbean, was Spain's last important colony in the Americas.  In 1868, Cuban patriots for independence started a failed revolution to overthrow the Spanish government and establish Cuba as an independent country.  After the Ten Year Revolution failed, the patriots began surprise attacks by burning sugar cane fields, stopping trains, and attacking Spanish soldiers.  Their leader was Jose Marti, a poet.  


Read his poem, entitled Dos Patrias at the website

1.  What are Marti’s two countries?

2.  Which does he like best - night or day?



3.  According to this website, what two events served as the causes for the Spanish American War?




Read the account of the sinking of the Maine at

4.  Why did the Spaniards feel the crew of the Maine would 'desert at the first shot'?

5.  According to the U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry, what caused the Maine to sink?

6.  Why is the cause of the sinking of the Maine still a debatable topic?


What you are about to view is a very early film - one of the first films shown to the public.  In this clip, you will see a series of wagons and horses with each group being followed by men in white hats.  The men in white hats are sailors.  Click on the first button titled “Realmedia format”.  If your computer does not have Real Player, check with your teacher for the proper format to download.  7.  What movie company filmed this moment in history?

8.  Read the title of the film.  What do you think the wagons carried in this film?

9.  How do you think the American public reacted to this film?  (Remember:  members of the public were accustomed to receiving their news only from newspapers and other print sources.)



Teller and Platt Amendments

10.  What happened after the Teller Amendment was passed?

11.  The Platt Amendment said that the United States had the right to ___________________ in Cuba in order to preserve Cuban ____________ and  “protect life, property and individual liberty.”



Theodore Roosevelt

12.  Name three things that President Theodore Roosevelt promoted while he was in office.

13.  How did Theodore Roosevelt become President of the United States ?

14.  Roosevelt advocated that a powerful chief executive must be willing to use force when necessary while practicing the art of persuasion. When possible, he said, "____  ____  ___  ___  ___  ____  ___."


15., 16., 17. Go to  Click  on "The President's Carriage" in the yellow box (half way down the page).  Choose RealMedia format for the download.  If this does not work, ask your teacher for the proper download.  After viewing the video clip, list three things you discovered in this film about the time in which Roosevelt was President.



Henry Cabot Lodge

18.  For what is Lodge best known?

19.  What elected offices did Henry Cabot Lodge hold?

20.  Which state did he represent?